ranil sonnadara

i am a behavioural neuroscientist, musician and sound designer, with a special interest in how our experiences help shape our sensory and motor systems. my research focuses on the science that underpins performance in all its forms. some of my work focuses on creating immersive auditory and multisensory experiences for audiences in live and virtual environments. other work explores how to improve training methods and performance for health professionals, musicians and athletes. my lab also studies how we evaluate performance, particularly in high-stakes environments. we apply various research methods across our work including neurophysiologic, behavioural and machine learning teachniques.

the 'big picture' questions driving my work are how learning, practice and experience change our brain, and the way that information flows between different neural systems, and how these changes impact human performance.

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contact information

a. n. bourns science building room 131
mcmaster university
1280 main street west
hamilton, ontario, l8s 4l8, canada

p: (905) 525 - 9140 x 24156
e: info@skillslab.ca