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about me

in no particular order of importance, i am a scientist, sound designer, coach, educator, lighting designer, musician, pilot, fight director, performance consultant, composer, research computing and infrastructure advisor, tonmeister, board member, volunteer and geek.

by day, i am a researcher and administrator at mcmaster university. my primary academic appointment is in the department of surgery, i hold administrative appointments as the special advisor to the vp (research) and institutional lead for research and high performance computing. i am also the creative and artistic director for the livelab. i hold graduate appointments in the health research methodology and health science education programmes, the departments of psychology, neuroscience and behaviour & linguistics and languages, and the school of computational science and engineering.

i am a behavioural neuroscientist by training, with a special interest in how our experiences help shape our sensory and motor systems. much of my research focuses on how we learn complex skills, and using this knowledge to improve training paradigms. i work primarily with health professionals, musicians and athletes, though my work generalises to many other domains. my lab also studies how we evaluate performance, particularly in high-stakes environments. the 'big picture' questions driving this work are how learning and practice change our brain, and the way that information flows between different neural systems. please visit my lab site or explore the links above for more information.