scientist | sound designer


performance consulting

i work with individuals and teams to help optimise performance in a variety of areas. although my primary focus is assisting coaches and athletes to improve competitive sport performance, i also work with small businesses, musicians, pilots, health professionals, dancers, sport associations and other community groups using a variety of techniques.

i work with a team whose collective experience brings a unique perspective on factors which impact human performance. graduate training in the health sciences, behavioural neuroscience, kinesiology, physiology, education and psychology, research interests in skill execution, expert performance and motor control, and experiences as athletes, coaches and performers allow us to draw on a wide body of theoretical and practical knowledge and a rich history, to help the people with whom we work realise their full potential.

previous clients include cadet, junior and senior level athletes in a variety of team and individual sports, flying instructors, business and community leaders, pilots, solo and ensemble musicians, actors, singers, dancers and surgeons. the common factor across all of our clients is that they are interested in refining their craft and being the best 'performers' that they can be.

facilitation and strategic planning

i have over 20 years of experience facilitating workshops and other meetings, including over 10 years of mediation experience in complex environments. much of my experience is focused on helping clients in the not-for-profit sector develop strategic and organizational plans and resolve issues related to partner engagement. i have also worked with some for-profit organizations helping them to develop, operationalize and manage major changes. previous clients include universities, colleges, municipalities, various provincial and national sport organizations, performing arts venues as well as several ICT-sector companies.

performing arts venue design

i offer specialist consultancy services around many different aspects of venue design including lighting, sound, and staging systems. recent projects include mcmaster university's livelab and new performance facilities in the l. r. wilson building, and the spice factory, a new multipurpose performance venue in hamilton, ontario.